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Holistic Medical Approach

Your well being is our upmost priority.

We provide with a complete turnkey solution including the medical services, checkups, but also make sure you receive a VIP treatment and services in luxurious conditions.

Global Group with GA Political, Global Defense, Aeroventure can also provide with the security needs of the operation and the necessary aircrafts and medical fleet for extraction or repatriation.

Elite international

Health insurance

Our insurance not only covers your medical care but also includes our medical concierge services, emergency medical evacuations, and access to top-tier hospitals and doctors worldwide.


Luxury Medical Concierge

Your health, our priority. An exclusive service, committed to meeting your medical and wellness needs with excellence and discretion. Includes:

  • Predefined or à-la-carte check-ups
  • Specialized advice
  • Medical or surgical treatment
  • Luxury hotels, prestigious residences
  • Commercial and private flights
  • Private transfers
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Yachts, prestigious cars...

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